Serious Sunday #FOMO


I had a serious case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) on Sunday. Like ultimate #firstworldproblems were occurring in my life Sunday night. I had 3 television shows I wanted to watch that were all on at the same time AND were all BRAND NEW. Talk about a trifecta of doom. I was trying to strategically find a way to balance The Oscars (or “Smart People” movie awards as I refer to them), The Walking Dead, AND True Detective. All of these programs were on at 9pm and they were all brand stinking new. Not to mention The Oscars only happen once a year! I know, I know this is seriously not an issue but I’m proud of my strategic solution to this tragic first world problem.

Typically The Oscars, for me at least, are a bunch of awards for movies I’ve never heard of, for people I didn’t even know existed to produce a movie. However, this year I felt like I had a good grasp on the movies up for awards. And by good grasp I mean I had heard of about 10 movies. A record compared to previous Oscars. I also feel like I know a little bit more about what it takes to make a movie thanks to a thoroughly missed and amazing intern that worked near us in cubelandia over the summer. I know she will be getting an Oscar one day. So I really wanted to catch at least some of the awards. However, with Twitter giving me the play by play and the least amount of FOMO felt towards the awards, I moved them to the “I’ll just flip back to this during commercials,” category.

While we’re on The Oscars theme, did anyone see P!nk’s dress? Make that dress in a white / champagne glitter, raise that plunging neckline a bit for the grandparents, 86 the long sleeves and you have Alison’s wedding dress one day. Buddha bless the poor soul who puts a ring on my finger – this dress looks a little pricey.

P!nk's Dress

Also a big shout out to my girl Kerry Washington for setting the bar unattainably high for future pregnant women everywhere. If I didn’t love Scandal so much I’d be rather upset with her.

Kerry Washington

The Walking Dead is a show that I’ve watched since the beginning. I was really into it the first 2 seasons, season 3 was okay, and now I’m really just failing to see how anything is happening like its happening. The way I see it is that if we were to really be in the middle of zombie apocalypse things would be happening quite a bit differently than they are on the show. Also the plot is moving at a SNAILS PACE right now which is not conducive to my insanely short attention span for television shows. But none the less, I’m still clinging to The Walking Dead bandwagon and can’t seem to not watch it. The Walking Dead was given the priority at 9pm seeing as this was the show most likely to be spoiled by Twitter. Yes, I’m just as guilty for spoiling it for others on Twitter. Sorry not sorry. Take notes on how to better prioritize your television viewing next week people.



True Detective is a new show I binged on got into recently. It’s pretty out there for a crime / mystery show. But it’s entertaining in a “huh that’s perplexing,” way. I’m starting to truly believe that Matthew McConaughey is absolutely out of his mind in real life. Nobody should be able to play the array of characters he does without being a wee bit off in the brain department. Not a dis in any means as I’m also probably in the “wee bit off in the head” category. Anyways, I’m severely hooked on this show and desperately want to find out what happens. However, this show is less likely to be spoiled by my Twitter feed and the new episode was repeated at 11pm so I pushed that to the 11pm viewing slot. Fully accepting that by doing this, I was risking being comatose at work the next day. (Don’t worry guys I wasn’t, I actually had a pretty productive day)

PS: I’m totally using this line the next time someone comments on the cold weather. #BOOM

So if you’ve followed this incredibly challenging post, I solved my #FOMO and #firstworldproblem by watching The Walking Dead at 9pm while flipping back and forth to The Oscars. Watched a full-ish hour of The Oscars from 10pm ’til 11pm. Watched True Detective from 11pm to midnight AND managed to have a killer work day. That is how a 20 something GETS THINGS DONE. All it takes is a little #FOMO and you can do anything you put your mind to!



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