#TotesTuesday – Fat Tuesday Edition

Phat Tuesday

In honor of it being Fat Tuesday, this week’s edition of #TotesTuesday will be some of my staple #fatkidfavs. If you are on a diet or trying not to drool on your keyboard – this is not the post for you!

1) #Totes Buying into the Ben & Jerry’s Core Craziness

So if you have been living under a rock lately or are just not obsessed with Ben & Jerry’s, the dynamic ice cream duo came out with a new type of ice cream called Cores. It’s essentially two complimentary types of ice cream around a core of heaven aka fudge or caramel. I have been stalking the #helpmefindcores on Twitter in desperate hopes these pints of perfection would arrive within 50 miles near me. Tonight I found the Hazed and Confused Core. Overall impression: BOMB concept but this one is really, really hazelnutty. I really want to try the PB and chocolate one. Ben & Jerry’s if you’re reading this, could we work on a cookie dough core? That’d be great.


2) #Totes Down for Buffalo Chicken Dip

I know, I know every girl always says “I make the best buffalo chicken dip and its brings ALL the boys to the yard.” But I have numerous, non-biased, reports that say I make one of the best buff chix dips out there. I don’t care what the occasion is, buffalo chicken dip is always an appropriate dish. It makes people happy and brings people together. This will forever be a #fatkidfav for me. If you want my recipe, maybe I’ll post it one day. But I have some secrets up my sleeve that I’m not quite ready to share.

Buffalo Love

PS: This is the only picture I have of my buffalo chicken dip. Doesn’t stick around long enough to get a picture of it before its been eaten.

3) #Totes Will Drive All the Way To Providence for….

Smoked onion rings from Julians in Providence. These bad boys pretty much changed the onion ring game for me. Julians smokes the onions in their spice rub THEN dunks them in their own beer batter and fries them. Pretty much the best thing you’ve ever tasted. Julians also has a great menu filled with vegetarian and carnivore options. If you’re ever in the Providence area check them out!

Smoked Onion Rings

4. #Totes Will Stick My Face Under A Dips Fro Yo Machine

If you haven’t been to Dips, you have not truly experienced good fro yo. A former co-worker introduced to me this place in Concord. All the yogurt is made from NH based ingredients. It’s really the first locally sourced frozen yogurt shop I’ve ever seen. And let me tell you it makes a HUGE difference. The fro yo from Dips will put Pinkberry to shame, every single time. They recently have come out with a Nutella fro yo made with REAL Nutella. It’s really just the best place ever. Don’t care what mood I’m in I will ALWAYS say yes to Dips!


These are just a few of my #totes drool worthy #fatkidfavs. I think that, going forward, I’m going to incorporate some #TevsTuesday posts as well. Tevs = whatevs. It’ll basically be a list of stuff I’m just over at the moment. We’ll see how my mood is week to week. Happy Fat Tuesday!


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