Cinco De Death 5K

I’m baaaaaaaackkk!! I hope you all missed me! Yesterday I ran Millennium Running’s Cinco De Miles 5k. I have officially renamed it to the Cinco De Death 5k. As soon as the race started, I knew I was in trouble. My legs felt like lead and every step sent a shooting pain straight to my brain. I’m pretty sure the combo of allergies, poor pre-race food, and lack of running prep lead to my lackluster performance. I finished in 39 minutes. Which is my slowest 5k to date. But hey, I finished.

I’m at the point where I need to make some serious workout choices. I work out at The Training Station with my trainer Christina. We focus on a lot of weight training (suns out guns out, all day errday) but in an effort to be more budget savvy I’m going to be doing kickboxing / TRX classes 5-6 days a week. This is in an effort to save some money and also get a killer workout in every day. I’m okay working out on my own I just don’t push myself as much as I should.

However, TRX / Boxing don’t mesh well with running. So I’m going to take a break. Running is killing me. My legs always hurt, I’m sore all over, and I don’t really need to seriously start training until July. So for now, I will run when I want to run and get serious about training for the 1/2 marathon come July. I still want to do the 1/2 marathon but I don’t want it to cut into my overall fitness goals.

In other news I made a life plan, pulled myself out of a hole of self pity and wallowing, and once again re-motivated myself about life. Being a 20-something is rough. Between bills, finances, being a grown up, figuring out your life, and trying to exist it can be quite overwhelming. But I’m getting better at “reeling it in.” I think “reeling it in,” is my saying of the month. I’ve said it a lot lately.

Now that it’s not a barren tundra outside I’m looking forward to more outdoor activities. What have you all been up to in my absence? Also any running inspiration would be greatly appreciated.


Inspiration Is My Motivation

Somebody asked me a very good question today: Where do I get the inspiration for what to write on the blog?

When I decided to start a blog, I knew I didn’t want to pigeon hole myself too much in to one particular topic. Yes, I obviously know that I will not be a 20-something forever. I have about 8 good 20-something years left to live the dream. But I figured that if this blogging thing works and amounts to something, I’ll have plenty of time to re-brand when I am no longer 20-something.

I knew I definitely did not want to write solely about exercising and diets and healthiness because that’s really just not me. Day to day I try to remain relatively healthy but I am NOT a purist. If I want ice cream, I’m going to have ice cream. This doesn’t mean I’m pounding pints of Ben & Jerry’s every day but, from time to time, I’ll have some ice cream.

I also knew that if I dedicated a blog solely to beauty, fashion, or anything super girly, I’d be immediately scoffed at by my inner circle. Yes, I have my girly moments and there are things I will always be a girl about, like bathroom activities – let us all pretend that never happens, but day to day I’m just not a girl who’s about bows or backstabbing or Juan Pablo. So that was out.

When I decided to start this, I wanted to create a blog that truly reflected the day in and day out thoughts and activities of a 20-something. Whether that be a new workout I like, a new recipe, handbag (still drooling over that Tory Burch number), or rant. So I guess to answer the question, my inspiration for posts can come from just about anything.


Today’s post was inspired by the question I just so wordily answered. What inspires me for blog post ideas, are the events and things that happen daily in my life. Thinking about this made me realize that, for me, inspiration sparks motivation. Whatever inspires me, creates instant motivation to tackle it head on. When I’m inspired to write something, I have to write it right away. I find myself doing the same thing in life. Where I find inspiration and motivation in life, is through making a difference, being creative, and organization.

I like to work at things that I know are making a beneficial impact. For instance, I run because I know that for each race I partake in, I’m donating to a good cause. What inspired me to run in the first place, and continues to motivate me to run each day, was hearing the story of a fellow 20-something who was robbed of his dreams far too soon. But that didn’t stop him. He channeled his passion for the things he could no longer do, to a passion to cure what ails him and many others.

I love to create. Whether it’s a new logo, marketing content, crafts, or recipes, I like to create something from my own thoughts. I like to challenge myself and push my creative limits. Which means I like to take something, re-model it, and make it better. A problem will inspire me to create a solution. Then I am extremely motivated to implement the solution, tackle the problem head on, and fix it for the better. Knowing that I was able to partake in developing something that solves a problem or stemmed from my own ideas, motivates me immensely to find inspiration outlets to do so.

This leads me to my next inspiration: chaos and clutter. Just like I enjoy fixing problems, I thoroughly enjoy tidying something up so that it works more efficiently. When I see something that can be structured better or re-purposed, it inspires me to find a way to make that happen. The motivation to execute stems from knowing that better organization will lead to more room for finding new inspirations and lead to new ideas.

I guess the short answer to all this is that I see inspiration and motivation as a continuous circle. When I’m inspired by something, I’m motivated to follow through on whatever it is that sparked my inspiration. I do this because I know the more I act on my inspirations, the more room there will be to be inspired by new things. I’m constantly seeking out inspiration instead of waiting for it to find me. I wasn’t always this way. But now I feel like I have so much to learn and so much to grow, that I literally gobble up any opportunity I can get to expand my knowledge base. In my opinion, knowing what motivates you will help guide you towards things that will inspire you.

Leave it to a 20-something to use 800 words to answer a simple question. #millennialproblems