True Life: I Love To Hate Bootcamp

Tis the season for sweating! My gym (The Training Station) is putting on a 4 week outdoor bootcamp session. It happens Wednesday nights at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 8am. Sadly, I cannot attend Saturday mornings due to prior work commitments but you bet your bottom dollar I attend Wednesdays.

As you all know I have a serious Love/Hate (mostly hate) relationship with running and nature. But I want to push myself to increase my fitness stamina. Also if I don’t mix up my workouts, I will be bored and stop working out. So as much as the thought of bootcamp scared me to death, I went for it.

It was hard. I definitely cracked a few too many sarcastic complaints. (Sorry Christina!) I also may or may not have given her a few too many death glares or baffled looks of, “You want me to do WHAT NOW?” (especially when FIFTY frog push ups were thrown into the mix) But I did it! And I didn’t die. In fact I felt great!

Here’s the over all gist of the work out:

  1. 4 Laps around the outside of the gym. In between each lap were increasing rounds of burpees. I think we worked from 5 to 20 burpees. My calves are in horrific shape (knot city) so I opted into some squatting front kicks towards the end.
  2. Various drills that involved stuff that looked like this. Photo cred goes to my gym.

bootcamp 2

It may look like rolling a tire is easy but let me assure you it is NOT.



Carrying a red punching bag is just as awkward as you might think.




That’s me all the way on the end with my hands on my hips. We all look so energized in this photo.



Surprisingly hopping in and out of the tire was probably my easiest task. Not photoed are the sprint drills and tire pulls that completed the five activities.

We also did frog pushups (I’d rather do burpees), mountain climbers, oblique plank crunches, and wall ball squats. We jumped rope and lifted the heavier punching bag over our heads while walking with a partner. We even pulled each other with bands while running around the building.

Never in a million years would I ever think I could complete something like this. But I did! And I absolutely loved it. I like pushing myself and I like telling people that I kicked some booty in an outdoor bootcamp. It also helps that I go to an awesome gym where everyone is wicked nice and encouraging. Seriously without Christina (owner/trainer) and my classmates supporting me, I wouldn’t be able to do half of what I do.

I’m so glad to have found a gym as supportive as this. It also helps that every class I go to, whether kickboxing, TRX, or bootcamp, has a different set up. We never do the same thing two days in a row. This prevents me from getting bored and burned out.

If you’re in the area come try bootcamp with me! It’ll make your fat cry A LOT! (aka you’ll burn some serious calories) And you can spend more time with me! (which, let’s be honest, what could be better than that?!?)


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