A Very New England Vacation

I suck at blogging. I’m so sorry for the lack of posts. Life has been a wee bit hectic lately. I work 6 days a week now and usually am not done for the day until 7:30/8pm. By which time I am ready to pass out and go to bed. I was fortunate enough to have 4 days completely OFF. Yes that’s right. No work, none, on any day. I was also fortunate enough to have some fantastic parental units who allowed me to go on vacation with them. Funny how I used to think vacationing with my parents was kinda lame but now I’m ready to hop on any family vacation at a moment’s notice (minus Nova Scotia, Mom if you’re reading this I’m still voting Costa Rica or an island).

We went up to Portsmouth, NH for a day, York, ME for a day, and up to our family’s cabin in Bartlett, NH on the Saco River. We have been going to all of these locations for a very long time. However, the cabin on the river is a spot where my mom has been going since she was a kid, and my grandma since she was a kid, and my great grandparents were the ones to find the spot. I think it’s pretty neat that I can go to a place where 4 (I think it’s 4, may actually be 3) generations have gone to. A big thank you to my aunt and uncle for letting us stay in their cabin!

So here’s my vacation in pictures!



The “swimming hole” everyone has been going to for 4 generations. That rock on the left is deemed the “sliding rock” which is much more fun when you are 4 than when you are 22. Also works best when the river is at higher levels than what it is in this picture.



Bear trap at the end of the driveway. Very reassuring. It was baited with donuts in case any of the readers want to catch a bear in their spare time. Below you can see the alleged bear crossing the road. Why did the bear cross the road? Quite possibly one of life’s greatest mysteries right now.


GlenEllis Falls


Glen Ellis Falls up by Mt. Washington. Very short walk down a bunch of stone stairs and not so very climb back to the top. Below is just a really nice picture I took near Mt. Washington.

Nice Pic


Long Sands beach in York, Maine. Favorite beach ever. Water is super clear and constantly cold. I cannot stand swimming in warm water, freaks me out.

Long Sands



And what is a trip to York without Hawaiian Jim’s Shave Ice? This is NOT A SNOW CONE. I repeat this is NOT A SNOW CONE. It is much fluffier than a snow cone and ten times better tasting. Don’t get it twisted.

Shave ice


And lastly some pictures of the lovely Portsmouth.



The new bridge.


Portsmouth at night.




Apparently Portsmouth has also started the locks of love bridge like the one in Paris. Someone should tell them that the one in Paris recently collapsed. But I wasn’t about to crush that dream.


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