Bey, Jay, and Alweezy: The 3 Best Friends That Anyone Could Have

Alison finally met her idol: Yonce, Queen Bey, B, Beyonce, Bey Bey. Oh yeah and I met her husband, Hov, too. Nbd but kbd I think we’re besties now. If besties can be formed a mere couple hundred feet away from … Continue reading

Cubelandia Survival Playlist

As the work week comes to a close, I find myself struggling needing a little bit of an extra oomph to get the day going. Therefore I’m going to rattle off my favorite work related jams. These are all songs about work and can really help ya get through a day in the cube farm. Commence the Cubelandia Survival Playlist.

PS: If any of you are on Spotify, go follow this playlist! I took all the tedious work of Googling the songs for ya!

Cubelandia Survival Playlist

1. “Diva” Beyonce

If you thought this list wouldn’t include Beyonce, you’ve clearly learned nothing about me from this blog. If you didn’t think I’d start a playlist with anyone BESIDES Queen Bey, you’ve clearly learned nothing about me from this blog. If this absolute FIRE jam doesn’t get you amped on a Monday morning, then I don’t know what will.

2. “Takin’ Care of Business” Bachman-Turner Overdrive

You’re amped up on some Beyonce and ready to KILL the day. Time to get focused and take care of business. Keeps the momentum going and focuses you on the end goal. Get after it cube monkey!

3. “9 to 5” Dolly Parton

Time to keep the momentum going. You’re only an hour deep into the day. Probably starting to feel the glare of the fluorescents on your back and your dewey morning eyes are starting to seer from the computer screen. As you frantically adjust brightness settings and attempt to create a lean-to with your jacket to block the flickering fluorescents, throw on a little Dolly to help you avoid complete cube meltdown. This steady beat with help you fall into a routine for the rest of the morning.

4. “Run The World (Girls)” Beyonce

I know, I know, “Come on Alison ANOTHER Beyonce?!?” Guys she really gets ya going. I promise. Guy, girl, or alien she’ll really get the blood flowing. By this point you’re jacket lean-to has fallen, your cube neighbor has probably started his drum solo, and the caffeine has dried up. You need a killer beat to get you back in the zone. Kill it Bey.

5. “Lets Work” Prince

Beyonce has got you AMPED. You’re ready to take Obama’s job at this point. Time to reel in that energy and power through the last hours before the sweet release of lunch. Listen to Prince, let him take your hand, and work. Get through it cube monkey, you’re almost half way there!

6. “Out Here Grindin” DJ Khaled

Hunger is setting in. You’re starting to wonder how cube monkeys before you have survived. You’re drooling on your keyboard. You’re counting the seconds before you sink your teeth into a microwave meal. Times are tough. Which calls for some grit. DJ Khaled will carry you through this endless abyss before lunch.

7. “She Works Hard For Her Money” Donna Summer

Your blood sugar has stabilized. The drool has been removed from your keyboard. You’ve had some interaction with humans face to face. A few funny YouTube videos have extracted a small chuckle from your office soul. Remember why you’re here while jammin’ to an 80’s classic. Donna Summer will kick off the second half of the day.

8. “Workin’ For A Livin'” Huey Lewis and The News

My dad is going to be overjoyed Huey Lewis and The News made the list. You’re feverishly fighting off the urge to nap at your desk after lunch. Trying to avoid staring at the tiny clock in the corner of your computer. This is your life. Embrace it. Let Huey be your mantra.

9. “Working for the Weekend” Loverboy

Time to remember what’s coming: the weekend. This is what you’re working for, to truly savor the 48 hours you have free a week. No one appreciates a weekend like a cube monkey. Would you value the weekend as much without your job? Nope. Thank your job for the pure ecstasy that is the weekend. Loverboy will provide you a friendly reminder of what’s coming.

10. “Hustlin” Rick Ross

Uhmm does this even need a description? You need a little pep in your step. It’s halfway through the afternoon. You’ve probably remembered that the sun is out and will be out when you’re done at work. The mind is starting to go for a little stroll down fantasy lane. REEL IT IN CUBE MONKEY. Embrace your inner teflon don. You are invincible. Hustle through the end of the day and finish strong! (Rick Ross Grunt)

11. “Work B*tch” Britney Spears

The day is almost over. You realize how much you need to do before your bolt to your car. Get to work. Britney will remind you of this incessantly until you get the message.

12. “Stoned” Puddle of Mudd

What’s a playlist without the Emo song? Not complete, that’s what it is! A mild panic may be creeping up about just how much you do compared to what you are rewarded with. Take a mini hate break. Let it all out with this song and let it all go with this song.

13. “It’s Not My Place (In the 9 To 5 Workplace)” Ramones

Freedom is near. You feel like a caged animal in a zoo in the 1920s when animal rights didn’t exist. Everything is funny. You make terrible puns and laugh so hard you cry. It’s like Anchorman with the glass case of emotion phone booth, except you’re in a partial office with temporary walls and no door. This isn’t you. When you sat in your college classes dreaming of changing the world, you didn’t expect to end up here. Remind yourself of that with this mini jam. It’s gonna be okay. Even Steve Jobs had to start somewhere.

14. “Bang On The Drum” Todd Rundgren

Iiiiiiiiiiii don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on the drums all day! Enough said! You’re in the last hour of the day, you’re ready to go and be free. Get ready to fly free little cube elf, it’s almost time!

15. “Nothin But A Good Time” Poison

FREE AT LAST! You’ve entered the oasis that is your car. You are joining millions of others on the 5pm fight to the death commute home. It’s time to weave and bob you’re way home! Rock out with a little Poison. Find your inner human, shake your groove thang, and remind yourself that you can go #nofilter for the next 12 hours.

You all are so welcome for this playlist. If this doesn’t get your day going, I don’t know what will.