Vega SPORT Protein

Friends, family, strangers, I have some FANTASTIC news. I have seemingly stumbled upon a protein powder that DOES NOT kill my stomach. Let me state that I am not so serious of an exerciser that I HAVE to have a protein powder. But I am a seriously lazy person. It’s way easier to shake up some protein than it is to prep a post workout re-fuel meal.

I’ve tried literally EVER protein known to man. Whey protein, egg white protein, plant based, free range whey protein, soy based, sugar free, no sugar, and everything else I can’t think of right now. They either burn a hole in my stomach or taste like pot of dirt. Some are so loaded with weird fake ingredients that I would probably combust if I so much as smelled one.

Well thanks to some persistence, free samples (thanks Allie!), and a lot of process of elimination I have found a protein powder! Vega SPORT Protein is a plant based protein sweetened with Stevia extract. Normally Stevia would send me into an allergy attack but this only gave me a slight headache that went away on its own after an hour. I tried chocolate and it wasn’t super earthy like I thought it would be.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 6.44.50 PM


It was a little fake sugar tasting but overall I was really impressed with the flavor. I don’t plan on using this every day but on days where I’m tired and just can’t think I’m definitely going to keep this on hand.

I’m going to try vanilla next because I could easily add that to a smoothie. I will probably never try the berry because I’m just not into berry flavored drinks.

That’s my latest life accomplishment for now. What’s your favorite protein?


3 thoughts on “Vega SPORT Protein

  1. I like jay robb protein power–ever try? and also wegmans.

    i try not to eat fake sugar. although i will say i love diet coke…ugh. i allow myself to drink it rarely, though although lately ive been thinking- if you want to treat yourself with a coke every so often (like one a month)- why not just regular coke? better for you..i dunno. anyway but other than that i stay away from fake sugars

    i wonder why all the protein powders screw with your tummy?

    • I will definitely check out those proteins. I am actually borderline allergic to fake sugar specifically sucralose, splenda, equal, etc. That is usually what bothers me the most with proteins. They are loaded with sweeteners and a lot of artificial ingredients. In general I don’t digest processed foods well they typically leave me with a searing side pain. I completely agree with your train of thought – I am a firm believer in eating real food. A little butter or sugar never hurt anybody. Thankfully I’ve never been a soda fan so I dodged a big one there. Real food is the best food!

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