This is a completely random #TotesTuesday post. Just whatever I’m feeling right now. It’s raining, cold but hot at the same time, and wicked windy. BUT the week is going by quickly – which is SUPER promising.


1) #Totes Need a Life Alive in NH

If you are not from the New England area, I’m sure you haven’t heard about Life Alive. If you are from New England and you HAVEN’T heard of Life Alive, then you need to seriously get your life together. I was EXTREMELY skeptical of this Life Alive place when I first heard about it. Life Alive is a completely vegetarian restaurant in Massachusetts. It is the BOMB DOT COM good. Their slogan is “VEGETARIAN FOOD EVEN A MEAT LOVER CAN CRAVE” and they aren’t kidding. I never thought I’d actually enjoy kale, beets, and sprouted legumes in one meal. But this place can crank out some mean vegetarian meals. The only issue is the closest one is 45 minutes away from me. It’s not far but I’d eat there every day if it was close by. Some of my favorite dishes include:

Life Alive

^^ Salad ^^

Life Alive

^^ Granola (sounds lame but its AMAZEBALLS) ^^

Life Alive

^^ This is a “bowl” so it’s kinda like a Chipotle burrito bowl ^^

Life Alive

^^ Smoothie ^^

Life Alive


^^ This is also a smoothie but tastes like a MILKSHAKE ^^

2) #Totes Going To Eat The Whole Aisle of Easter Candy

I don’t know what it is about Red Dye #3 and Lake Blue #4 mixed with a little Yellow #5 but the damn Easter candy just tastes 10x better than any other holiday candy. Except for maybe peppermint bark at Christmas. Also I feel like EVERY STORE known to man has Easter candy. Everywhere you look it’s those miniature pastel pieces of perfection. TORTURE. But hands down my absolute favorite Easter only candy is the Cadbury Mini Eggs. If you don’t want a full blown addiction DO NOT EAT THESE.

Cadbury-Mini-Eggs-Wrapper-Small Cadbury Mini Eggs


I’m eagerly awaiting a quarterly kick back. As soon as this goes through it’s going to be Tory Burch City Population Alison. I’m getting that black Tory Burch bag and you know what? I’m probably going to overnight it. I have been SALIVATING for this bag. I also desperately need a new pair of sneakers so I’m going to try out the Hoka’s I blogged about. I’m also getting a down alternative comforter (FINALLY) and a new duvet cover. These are all necessary (minus the Tory) but to me it’s unnecessary because I legit haven’t bought myself anything material in FOREVS.

4) #Totes Need to Stop Looking At Adoptable Puppies

So I’m moving soon. I don’t where to just yet or who with. This is clearly prohibiting me from acquiring a little fluff nugget. Which means I need to stop liking every single fluffy chunky puppy pic on Facebook. I like many adoption agencies on Facebook. The latest one I found was Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. Uhmmm hello? That’s so far up my alley it’s not even funny. Anyways, one day I’ll get a chunk nugget of my very own but right now I’ll just keep liking their photos.

That’s all I got for this #TotesTuesday!


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