A Vegetarian Vegan Quarter Life Crisis

I should not be allowed to watch documentaries. Ever. Especially ones about veganism. Last night I watched Vegucated. It’s a 2011 documentary about being a vegan. It has officially thrown me for a LOOP. As you all know, I buy free range, organic, all natural, local as much as possible. What I took away most from this documentary is that those terms really don’t provide as much of a better life for the animal as we think. So now I’m faced with a huge dilemma. I love animals, probably more than a normal 20-something female. But I also love eating animals. That’s sounds so horrific to say but I do like chicken and the occasional burger / steak. That being said I’ve spent all day in a total life crisis.

Seriously guys, I went as far to sponsor a goose on an animal sanctuary farm in upstate New York. This farm basically saves animals that would normally be killed at a slaughter farm and lets them live out their lives happily. I’ve officially lost it. You don’t have to tell me.

So I’ve been pondering all day about what to do. I’ve come to the decision that I don’t have an issues eating an animal product if it comes from a place where the animals live(d) in a happy environment. A free range chicken at a commercial company is only given 3 square feet of space. I don’t want chicken that was still confined to 3 square feet a day nor do I want it’s eggs. But I think I’d be okay with chicken that was able to wander around a pasture all day.

This sounds hypocritical of me. But I can’t justify giving up animal products completely. I mean I’d die without chocolate milk. Or at least I can’t justify giving up animal products yet. I’m going to actively try and seek out local farms with animal products like milk, eggs, and meat. If I can find a place that’s legit and I feel like doesn’t abuse animals (beyond what has to happen for me to grill dinner), I’ll stick with the animal products. If I can’t find a place like this, I may seriously have to evaluate animals in my life.

If you are a vegetarian / vegan that is reading this, please don’t hate on me. I’m trying to go about this in a way that I can justify my personal belief on animal treatment while balancing a diet that works for me.


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