My Monday In GIFs

Hi. It’s Monday. I have no words for life at the moment. So here’s my Monday in GIFs. These are placed in chronological order from time of waking to right now. Right now is me starfish on the floor.

Waking Up




Monday Crying


Remembering What Just Happened

Monday Morning

Actually Getting Out Of Bed

Monday Here We Go

Driving Into Work


Sitting In Your Car Outside the Office


Turning On Your Computer


Realizing What You Have To Do


People Making Awkward Small Talk

People Ask Me About The Weekend


Buster I can't



Anchorman Group Jump


Monday ARGH

More Work – This Is Me 24/7 BTW

Eye Roll

Finally Being Able to Leave

Monday LEaving

Attempting To Work Out After A Monday

Horizontal Running

Realizing This Happens Once A Week

Monday End


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