Throwback Thursday

This post is in honor of all the super awesome 90s kid treats that somehow got discontinued and should be re-continued immediately. There are some seriously under recognized items on this list folks.

Unrecognized talent

1. Oreo O’s


The first time I had these magical circles of goodness was at my grandmother’s house. She used to kick some serious a$$ in the cereal department when all the grandkids were younger. Apple Jacks, Honeycombs, Oreo O’s you name it, she had it. I vaguely remember arriving to her house late at night and trying a bowl of these bad boys. LIFE. CHANGED. So freaking good. They tasted like Oreos too. I know everyone says you can just pour a bunch of Oreos into a bowl and drown them in milk, but its just not the same. BRING BACK THE OREO O’S POST CEREAL. I should start a petition for these.

2. Wonderball

Wonder Ball

I was OBSESSED with these. I thought they were the coolest candies. The prizes inside were always wicked lame but Alison still stuff her fat kid face with them. These things were hot commodities too. If you had a Wonderball at school, all the other kids would be jealous. Big deal in the playground political world. Those who possessed Wonderballs were the kings and queens sitting pretty on the slides, the rest of us were mere peasants left to make up games to play with wood chips. They make something similar to this in Europe called Kinder Surprise. I had some when I was in Italy. They are actually pretty good and the prizes are far better than what the Wonderball ever had. But they are in the shape of an egg and therefore not the same.

3. Cadbury Lil Scoops

Lil Scoops

These used to be an Easter STAPLE for me. It’s basically a Cadbury egg with a frosting filling. They come packaged in an egg carton with plastic spoons. You crack the egg and scoop out the middle to eat. Sounds kinda gross but they were really, really good.

Author’s Note: This list is making me sound like a wicked chunk. #Tevs

4. Crispy M&Ms (Technically available in Europe but I’m not in Europe)

Crispy MMs

Another fantastic candy Americans could not learn to appreciate so it got shipped off to Europe. When I was leaving Italy, I bought a stupidly expensive and rather large bag of Crispy M&Ms from the Duty Free store. These were so good as a child but only available for a hot second to buy. I guess this means I need to go back to Italy soon to stock up.

5. Jello Pudding Pops


Okay, for real, this was just plain cruel. What the heck was so bad about the pudding pops that they had to rip them away from us? I guess I could technically make my own pudding pops. But this is Amurica, the land of being able to buy anything pre-made for you. Bring back the pudding pops!

6. Hershey Bites

Hershey Bites

I saved the saddest for last. Hershey’s Bites line. Seriously could not have been a more genius idea than to turn all your favorite Hershey candies into bite sized pieces. I know they have those weird M&M knock off things now and Kit-Kat comes in unwrapped mini pieces, but it’s not the same as these. These were AMAZEBALLS. (hah that’s punny) They were also incredibly dangerous. You could smoke through a bag of those bad boys no problem.

So now that you all know just how much of a closet fat kid I really am, I’m going to go for a run. Before my processed foods revelation, I dabbled heavily in the processed food sector. And if ANY of these treats were to come back, I’d be first in line to buy them!


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