#TotesTuesday! Notice how there hasn’t been more than a few #TevsTuesday? Working on staying positive. Happiness is a mindset that can be created. Therefore let me commence with another #TotesTuesday post.


1. I am #Totes OBSESSED With Heather B. Moore Jewelry

I have a confession. I got sucked into that show Eric and Jessie: Game On. It’s the reality show that follows Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker. It’s worse than the Kardashians but I can’t not watch it. Anyways, as I was watching an episode last night I saw Eric get this WICKED cool ring for Jessie. It’s from Heather B. Moore Jewelry. Basically she has an entire line of completely customize-able and engrave-able jewelry.  Everything from rings and necklaces to charms and leather wrist wraps. The engraving is much more tasteful than typical engraved pieces. And I think it’s really neat that you can literally put anything on one of these pieces. There are some pieces with baby foot prints, others with braille, writing, or symbols. I’m OBSESSED with the bands. I need these in my life when I get married. I’m also forcing anyone and everyone I know who’s considering a jewelry purchase about these pieces. Here are a few of my FAVS:

Band Band 2 Band 3 Band 4

2. #Totes Love Honda Financial Services Customer Care

My car payment is just on a really awkward date. It always falls mid pay period and it’s just an awkward time to pay it. So I saw something about how if you’re in decent standing with Honda they’ll move your payment date to whatever works best for you. So I braced myself for a horrific phone experience trying to make such a change and was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t on hold for day and I got connected right to a rep. It was almost as easy as TD Bank’s Customer Service. With TD Bank the number dials straight to a human. I LOVE it. Anyways the Honda rep I got was friendly, helpful, and also found some other changes on my account that helped me immensely. I always love getting great customer service and they truly deserve a shout out.

3. #Totes on a Smoothie Binge

My appetite has been blah lately so I’ve been blending anything and everything. I’ve been trying to get better at mimicking the smoothies from Life Alive. My favorite is the Loco Cocoa Alive. It’s cocoa powder, FoMu coconut milk “ice cream,” coconut oil, and maple syrup. Okay so it’s really just a semi-healthy milkshake. But I literally could down a gallon of this stuff. I’ve re-created it some what at home. Here’s my recipe as of now, it’s not perfect but it’s okay:

Loco Cocoa Ish Smoothie:

8 oz Plain, Non Fat Greek Yogurt
1/4 C Milk (1%, organic)
2 Tsp Cacao Powder
1 Tbsp Almond Butter
1 Tsp Maple Syrup
2 Frozen Unsweetened Coconut Milk Ice Cubes*

Blend everything in a blender. I use the Hamilton beach person blender but if you’re fancy and have a nutri-bullet or Vitamix, good for you. A blender is a blender in my book.

I’ve been making ice cubes of frozen coconut milk to make this smoothie last longer in the fridge at work and also give it a better texture. I also make ice cubes of frozen veggie juice that I juice myself. So I have two bags of “ice cubes” in my freezer. One is for the unsweetened coconut milk cubes and the other is typically a blend of beet, carrot, tomato, sweet potato, and celery juice.

4. #Totes Need to Do a Push Up

My trainer from day 1 has been trying to get me to do push ups. They are hands down the hardest move for me. Give me weights, HIIT, boxing, or just about anything besides running and I’m good. Not push ups. I just have no trust in myself that if I lower myself all the way to the ground, I’ll get myself back up. I mean I don’t get why my brain puts up such a fight with this. Literally I’m mere centimeters from the ground so what’s the worse that happens? I collapse. But for some reason I just cannot do it. So I’ve been endlessly doing so many side workouts to beef up my push up muscles. I will be able to do this. I just want to be able to do one, full push up and I’m happy.

Push Up

5. #Totes Haven’t Bought A Coffee

So I didn’t make it to the gym Monday morning. But it was freezing rain and snowy and I slept awfully the night before. I’m going to go Friday morning to make up for it. BUT I haven’t got a single coffee out. Two days big whoops BUT that’s a big deal for me. I’m really trying to form these habits.



That’s my #TotesTuesday! How’s your week going?


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