Whirlwind Wednesday

I feel like for the past 3 weeks my life has been FLYING by. This is not unusual for me, but I feel like the past 3 weeks have been out of control busy. I think this is largely in part of my inability to say no and a resolution to stop throwing a pity part for myself 24/7 and experience life. I’ve taken on a couple side projects, gone to several events I’d never typically go to, and had a lot of travel requirements. I am in no way, shape, or form complaining. I love routine and I love to have a plan but I absolutely have to mix things up to be happy. If I do the same thing the same way every day, I’ll go bananas.

Anyways that’s why this blog has suffered and my posts have been weak. But I’m trying to manage everything while still getting in some sleep each night. So in an effort to explain my absence here are some of things that have kept me busy over the past few weeks:


1) Ellie Goulding Concert in Boston

I LOVE Ellie Goulding. Prior to the concert, I relied heavily on Ellie for workout music. It’s a solid beat to help regulate your pace. When I heard she was coming to Boston, I knew I had to go check her out. I did not have high expectations for the concert. I thought she’d be pretty average. Boy was I wrong. She KILLED it. I put her on the same level as Justin Timberlake now in regards to live performances. Also she’s in PHENOMENAL shape. I could count her 12 pack from my seat. Here’s a blurry pic from the show:


2) Trip Home Home

Being the 20-something that I am, I don’t fully consider my apartment my true home. I feel like it’s a slap in the face to my parents to be like, “Oh hey I’m headed home,” when referencing my apartment. They still partially support me and I guess I still see their house as home home. It’s a 3 hour trip one way to get home home. Then when I do go home home, I try to see every relative possible. It’s basically 36 hours of family rounds. Leaves very little time for blogging.

Also this beast pictured below is my parents 20-something year old cat. She’s a NUT CASE. My dad calls her the world’s smallest cow and I call her a beached whale. My mother has some choice 4 letter words but commonly calls her the “damn cat.” As you can tell, she’s well loved.

Beached Whale

3) Reconnecting With That Thing I Call A Social Life

I’m trying to get better at actually seeing my friends. Once college is over, it’s about 10 million times harder to actually see your friends. So that being said I’m trying to actually see people in real life and not through a SnapChat. This means a lot of short-ish drives to mutual meeting points for dinner and drinks. I recently went to Border Cafe with a college friend. Their chips are literally laced with crack. They are SO GOOD.

photo 3 (1)

4) FaceTiming With Fiji

My dear friend Ashley is in Fiji on a nursing mission trip. Fun fact for all of you at home: Fiji is 16 hours ahead of America. So the only real time to talk to her is at about 10pm my time. Which is around lunch time in Fiji and when she is done at the clinic for the day. I think it’s beyond cool that I can FaceTime with someone in Fiji right my phone. Technology like that still blows my mind.


5) Work

This is the lamest excuse in the book. I feel like every 20-something says this. But work has been crazy busy lately. It just seems to be taking up more thought time than it used to. Not a bad thing but it’s an adjustment period for sure. Here are some highlights from work:

Desk Problems

There’s this super annoying metal bar that’s in the absolute worst spot on my desk. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it but being the darling human that I am, I complain comment about it frequently. Well today my supervisor / co-worker took matters in to his own hands and attempted to remove said bar. After removing all the screws, it was determined it cannot be moved. But it was a fun 15 minutes.

Shelf Art

We have started to collect random items from the free table to decorate this random shelf they put next to our cubes. This is our latest masterpiece. A child’s toy ball thing with a crown on top. Super weird but gives us a home like vibe.

6) Being Happy

I spent a very long time at the start of the year changing my outlook on life. You can choose happiness and make yourself happy. You always have to work with what you have and find ways to achieve what you want. So I spend a lot of time reminding myself to choose happy. If something is frustrating or annoying, I try to sit and reflect and avoid jumping fully off the deep end. This can still lead to frustration but I am consciously trying to choose happy. I highly suggest you all try choosing happy as well. Life is too short to be anything but happy!



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