I’ve #Totes Neglected This Blog

Hi Guys! I’m so sorry for being an awful blogger and missing a few days. I’ve hit a serious running rough patch. About a week ago I was running on the treadmill at the gym and noticed my knee was feeling a little wonky. Approximately two seconds after I stopped running, I knew something was off. So being a good little lazy 20-something athlete I took the rest of the week off my knee to prepare for the race I had Sunday. Sunday comes around and my knee is feeling better. Start running and everything is great, I’m on one of the best paces then BAM, 2 mile mark hits and my feet start to go numb. No bueño. If you recall this happened to me previously and I assumed it was from my compression socks. Well, I was not wearing compression socks this time and the feet were still numb. Not even numb from the cold, it felt like both feet had fallen asleep.

Naturally I tried to walk a little to reduce the numbing. The second I started walking my knee died. I mean side to side movement was just not happening whatsoever. I meandered through the last 3 miles of the race, I even cut out about 1/3 of mile. Yes I cheated. I was so aggravated and annoyed.

I apologize greatly to my mother who encountered a full blown melt down. There are about 5 people in the world brave enough to handle a true Alison meltdown. 2 are my parents, 2 are absolute angels from the glory days of college who I don’t even know why they are still friends with me, and 1 I don’t speak to much anymore. These people have encountered some seriously raw emotions and probably taken a verbal beating or two along the way. I thank you immensely for dealing with me at my worst. Everyone else: just respect the fact I won’t talk to you when I’m in such a state. If anyone is seriously trying to approach the meltdown circle of friendship, let me know and we’ll do a test run on the next meltdown.

Anyways I’m currently loathing myself for blowing my short lived running career. Things were finally looking up with runs and then my body just completely fails me. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow to hopefully figure out what’s wrong. But if you’ve ever experience anything like this, please let me know!

A couple running related #TotesTuesday posts for you:

1) #Totes Want To Try Hoka One One Sneaker

Hoka One One

Someone I ran with on Sunday was wearing these sneakers. She said they were the best sneakers she’s ever had for running. Then I saw about 1200 other people wearing them too. I’m wondering if these will help me not die mid-run. If anyone has ever used them please let me know!

2) #Totes Can’t Choose Between Polar Loop and FitBit

Polar Loop       FitBit

Activity wrist bands are all the rage right now and of course I want in on the fun too. I like the Polar Loop because it has the option to add a heart rate monitor. I think that could be helpful for me when running. But the Polar Loop carries a bigger price tag than the FitBit Flex. Both have equally mixed reviews. There’s not one that is consistently better than the other. I mainly want an activity band to monitor sleep patterns and activity level during workouts. This is why currently I’m leaning towards the Polar Loop. When I officially purchase one, I’ll be sure to do a full pro / con review on the blog!

3) #Totes Have Wanted A Steak and A Cupcake All Day

So as you can tell I’m a massive foodie. All day I have been craving a steak (filet mignon) and a cupcake (from Queen City Cupcakes). I used to work a dessert place called Planet Marshmallow. We had a signature dish called Peanut Butter Pie. It was essentially peanut butter ice cream / mousse frozen in an Oreo cookie shell topped with homemade vanilla whipped cream, homemade hot fudge, and crushed peanut butter cups. It would take about a year off your life in one slice but it was MIND BLOWING. When Planet Marshmallow closed, Queen City Cupcakes made a Peanut Butter Pie Cupcake in tribute. It is the BEST CUPCAKE I’ve ever had. This is what I wanted ALL DAY but fought the urge to have.

Peanut Butter Pie

^^ Peanut Butter Pie ^^

 Peanut Butter Pie Cupcakes

^^ Peanut Butter Pie Cupcakes ^^

That’s all I have this week. Tomorrow night I am going to hear Sarah Dussault from SarahFit with my friend Kristen from Kicks, Turns, and Kettlebells. I am SO EXCITED! She’s going to talk all about personal branding, which she’s pretty much a master at. It’s part of a series called Beer & Learn which is put on by Beacon Hill Partners. If you’re 21, this seems to be the best way to still learn things without feeling like a super senior in college. Check them out!


6 thoughts on “I’ve #Totes Neglected This Blog

  1. Alison, I’m gonna make it real easy for you on the Fitbit/Polar Loop….I have an extra Fitbit Flex…you can have it. As we were talking Sunday, a heart rate monitor will scare the living shit out of you when you see your heart rate reach 2100 and you “feel fine”…As for the PB Pie….after the move you come over and we can make one. 🙂 You did great on Sunday….If I were you and hurt I just would have turned around and started drinking beers in that pub.

  2. I really truly hate you right now because here I am sitting at my desk, starving my face off, already ate my lunch and not allowed to eat until dinner and the first thing i see is this glorious pie cake thingy. omg really hate you in a i’m serious but not way.

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