I am a very outgoing person. I am also incredibly animated. I talk with my hands more than an italian grandmother from the old the country. Seriously many of my conversations go like this:

Talk With Hands

Just about every situation or circumstance I’m in I have a tendency to be perceived as “high energy.” That’s putting it nicely I guess. So there’s nothing that frustrates me more then when people assume I’m stressed or have crazy high blood pressure because of how I talk and act. This is something I’ve seriously tried to work on and is something I’ll probably always work on. That being said, there is no surefire way to guarantee I’m actually riled up than to tell me to “Breathe” or “Relax.”


I’m a passionate person. When I’m talking or telling a story, I rely heavily on emotion to convey my message. There’s a reason my HR personality test said I can present on anything, whether I know the information or not, and captivate people. I like to talk, I like to communicate, and I like to get my message across.


So when I share a story or information, odds are I’m not really as jazzed as I seem. That’s just me. That’s just how I talk. But a real quick way to guarantee that I am truly perturbed is to tell me to “breathe,” or “relax.” If I am truly upset or perturbed, you won’t know because I pretty much shut everyone out. If I’m genuinely upset, you’re going to have to be pretty observant to figure it out.

People Skills

I guess the moral of the story is this: I’m just an animated person. If I’m truly upset, you probably won’t know unless I tell you. So when I’m talking, just let me talk. Don’t tell me to relax or take a breath. My blood pressure isn’t sky rocketing and I’m not fuming on the inside. Enjoy the fact that you are hearing some tidbit of info from a true story teller and move on.

PS: I realize this is hypocritical because this post sounds like a enraged lunatic rant. However, I promise you, that as I write this, I am perfectly calm.


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