#Totes a #Tevs Tuesday

I told you last week that I may be mixing up #TotesTuesday to #TevsTuesday depending on my mood. Well today started off strong but ended in a total #tevs mood. Ergo we partially arrive at the inaugural #TevsTuesday post.

For those not up on the latest shorthand, tevs = whatevs = whatever. Tevs to me is just ten times more sassy and flippant than whatevs or whatever. I started using this a few weeks ago and I’m #totes obsessed with the sass it brings to life. However, because today did start off strong, I’m going to throw in a #Totes or two to not completely butcher this day. So without further ado, here’s my first partial #TevsTuesday:

1. Dangerously Low on Salt and Winter Storm Vulcan Barreling Towards Us #Tevs

So for any of you lucky enough to not live free or die on a daily basis, we are currently expecting Winter Storm Vulcan. This storm is set to bring upwards of 18″ of snow north of me and a lovely icy / sleet / snow / rain mix to my neck of the woods. PUMPED. Nothing I love more than a good winter storm mid-March. Also going to create GREAT conditions for a race I have this weekend. Vulcan didn’t sound like a real name to me so I googled it to see what exactly Vulcan meant. Here’s what Google came up with:

Vulcan Vulcan

Just a storm named after aliens from Star Trek and the ancient god of metalworking headed our way. #Tevs

2. #Totes Been Ahead of The Fashion World For YEARS

So I saw this Target ad on Facebook the other day that “Modern Minimalism” is one of the top trends for Spring 2014. Clearly the fashion world took a note from my daily attire for once. I’m all about minimalism. No jewelry, no crazy patterns, and I’m a firm believer in you can’t go wrong wearing all black. When I wear all black attire, not only do I feel like a ninja, I feel like a total BAMF. And everything matches! It’s a win win situation. But in all seriousness, I should #totes incorporate more color into the wardrobe once the polar apocalypse moves on.


3. #Tevs to My Monthly Horoscope

So I am not the type of person to live and die by my horoscope. I will check it for ha-ha’s and to kill some time when needed. But my monthly horoscope is ALL OVER THE MAP for March. One day I’m set to be falling in love and the next it’s telling me to hop in the pool? Chill out Miss Cleo. I need consistent messaging.


4. #Totes Going To Compile Recipes To Share

So I’ve shared some of my recipes so far on the blog and they seem to go over pretty well. I #totes promise to get better at sharing more of them as I go forward. Some will be my own and some will be my favorites others have come up with. If there’s anything you’d like to see on the blog let me know!


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