Gone Starfishing

This week started off pretty mundane. Lived the cube life like everything was normal. Then comes Wednesday and cube life went from -20 mph to about 80 mph. Just a really crazy end to the week with a lot of transitions coming up over the next week or so. Nothing I can’t handle, I just feel like I’ve been Regina Georged for the moment. (see gif below for explanation)


I’ve also essentially hit a complete wall in terms of trying to lose weight which means starting a whole new round of appointments with a new doctor to maybe finally figure out some semblance of what’s going on with me. Another story for another day.

Anyways it’s the weekend, I can barely string together a sentence, so what am I going to do? Starfish. If you aren’t familiar with starfishing, it’s when you lay completely flat with all your limbs stretched out like a starfish. It’s hands down my favorite term and favorite pass time. It’s kinda like this picture of me below except usually I starfish on the floor of my apartment or on my bed. Do not turn that into any jokes world.


Or if you are more of a Spongebob visual learner it’s also like how Patrick from Spongebob sleeps in his rock home.


On a completely unrelated and final note, have you heard of a quokka? It’s essentially a super chunky wombat kangaroo hybrid. I need at least 6 of these to consider my life, lived.

Quokka Quokka

Look at dat chunky little nugget!!!

Okay as you can tell, I’m severely overtired and need to go starfish. If you need me this weekend, I’ll be gone starfishing!


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