Your iPhone Can Now Text Sweet Nothings For You!

Have you ever thought “Gee I just don’t have time to type out this text to my significant other?” or “I really wish I could schedule some sweet sentiments to be sent to my love bird.” Well you are in luck!

Introducing the BroApp. This app was created by two Australian 20-something men. The purpose of this app you ask? Simply to send automated “sentimental” texts from one phone to another phone. As you can tell by the name, this app is targeted for “bros” looking to keep up and maintain their relationships with their lady friends. The app will generate texts like “Hey Babe, how was your day?” and “Wow, that sounds great.” It also allows lazy asses users to create their own staple text messages.

Worried your girlfriend is going to sneakily look through your phone and discover your little trick? Not to worry! There’s even a “girlfriend safety lock down” mode. When your lady friend, girlfriend, side chick, or mother starts to dig through the app, it’ll direct her to a list of “gifts” you have “planned” to buy for her. Only downfall to this? You better get ready to buy said gifts she sees on the app.

Bro Texts

Now I am all for improving the communication skills of the opposite gender. Actually, I’m all for improving the communication skills of the world for that matter. I think this concept is brilliant but incredibly detrimental to humans’ ability to actually talk to one another. If there was an app that could coach somebody through a real, face to face, conversation I think that would be immensely beneficial. I personally resent any type of electronic communication for serious matters.

In this day and age you are expected to decipher what someone favoriting your Tweet means, liking your Facebook photo, SnapChatting you 1239 times a day, or tagging you on #mcm / #wcw on Instagram. It’s not just “Hey how are ya? Wanna grab dinner?” It’s a minefield of electronic notifications that maybe, one day, could amount to an actual real life conversation. I am a total conversationalist but I do not thrive in a digital environment. Most of the time my natural sarcasm is misconstrued or I come off way too blunt when I am communicating through digital words. I can write you a great blog post but I cannot talk to you through a Twitter feed.

This app is definitely a step towards the future. I’m convinced that one day this world will be controlled by robots. But if we are working on apps to simplify our lives and make communication easier, we should develop an app that shuts down our phone and forces us into the real world. I’m just as guilty as the next person when it comes to over phone usage. I walk while texting, never go anywhere without my phone, and I think the only time I ever shut it off is when I need to reboot because Instagram crashed. Getting an app that truly turns off your phone and prevents you from using it for a set amount of time would greatly improve people’s lives. Sometimes you just have to remember that there is life beyond that tiny electronic rectangle “dinging” every second with a new notification.

That being said, being a lady, I’d still probably rather receive an automated “nice” text versus no text at all. Also there are talks of a SisterApp aka an app that generates texts ladies can send to their man friends. I’m definitely not saying I won’t dabble in that app. After all, it’d save me a lot of time interpreting the randomness that is digital communication. So in the words of Blackstreet, “I like the way you work it, [BroApp], no diggity,” and I can’t wait to see the female version of this app. But if you happen to, along the way, develop something that forces us 20-somethings out of our phones and in to the real world of human interaction, I will give you a full round of applause.


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