Tonight marks a glorious night. My all time favorite prime time soap opera returns after what seems like LIFETIMES of repeats. If you are not watching Scandal on ABC you have not lived. It has everything you could possibly want in a show: action, politics, love stories, fierceness, and best of all the no nonsense Olivia Pope. Seriously, if I can be half as ballsy as Olivia when I grow up I will consider myself a great success. Also my television husband, Fitz, is not too shabby on the eyes either. Can you believe Tony Goldwyn aka Fitz is FIFTY THREE?? He’s clearly on the same aging track as Jennifer Aniston. #obsessed

Fitz and Liz     Romeo Fitz and Liv    Fitz

My musical husband, Justin Timberlake, is currently preparing to put on a KILLER show in Boston right now and I’m throwing myself a mini pity party for not buying tickets. I saw him on the Future Sex Love Sounds Tour wayyyyyy back in the day and my jaw was on the floor the entire show. Even if you aren’t into his music, you are guaranteed a phenomenal show with JT. Dancers, lights, graphics, moving stage pieces, and the man candy himself, JT.


On a semi-related note, JT and his bromance bff Jimmy Fallon would be great in their own improv / sketch comedy show. Those two together are guaranteed comedic gold.

Updates from the grown-up world include paying my student loans ON TIME for once! Usually I just constantly slide my bestie, Sallie Mae, a twenty every day week or so to keep her quiet. But due to some savvy finance skills luck, I was able to pay that lovely bill EARLY. I also moved to a brand spanking new cube location at work. This cube features a fluorescent light that can be TURNED OFF at my own discretion. I know you are all oohing and ahhing at home over that one. I also got the vanilla thunder (my car) detailed so it does not look as skanky on the inside as it does on the outside (thanks constant snow!).

This is short because I’m trying to learn how to make my blog look prettier. Because, you know, looks are everything in the blog world. If anyone has any tips on how to create a “pretty” blog drop me a line in the comment section!


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