I feel like every great blog has one day of the week where the post topic will always be the same, like WIAW: What I Ate Wednesday or Flashback Friday. In the interest of eliminating one day of the week where I have to scour the depths of my mind for some tidbit of hopefully entertaining content, I am dedicating Tuesday to be #TotesTuesday.

As many of my real life acquaintances know, I am a FIEND for swagtastic cheesy shortened words. Cray = crazy, jel-jel = jealous, adorbs = adorable, perf = perfect, tevs = whatevs / whatever; the list could go on for quite a while. So from this point forward I declare every Tuesday on this blog to be #TotesTuesday. (totes standing for totally) Each Tuesday I will share a list of the things I’m currently perplexed / intrigued / obsessed with.

And here we go….

1. #Totes Obsessed with this Treadmill

Trail Treadmill

Please ignore my pitiful pace – I was dying “cooling down”

So this is a treadmill I knew my gym had for a while. But I have been hibernating in my apartment complex’s gym for the past few months in a valiant effort to learn how to run. Yesterday I decided to pull the trigger and go back to the judgement zone  Gold’s Gym. I just wasn’t motivated enough to get off my own ass and go to my apartment gym anymore. Anyways, I finally got to try this fancy new Life Fitness treadmill. You can select a variety of different screen views. There are trail runs, like the above photo, through a variety of real life trails. These trail runs even have educational fun facts to keep you occupado while you huff and puff and run the house down. You can pick the 5K lap view to track progress, play a game, sync it to your phone, or good ole’ fashioned television! Probably the best parts of this treadmill are that you can hide your current time / distance / calories AND count down backwards from your end distance goal. This is absolutely key for me because running is essentially one giant Inception head game for me.

2. #Totes Going to Buy This Tory Bag

Tory Burch

The Tory Burch ‘Mini Ella’ Nylon Tote in Black is going to be my first not-from-china-town handbag purchase ever. I’m not gonna lie, it’s going to be odd not doing my usual haggling bit. The last time I acquired my Flouis Fuitton bag it was like partaking in a leg of the Amazing Race. I had to follow a team of 3 non English speaking, walkie talkie wearing, humans up 15 blocks of China Town sidewalk only to be confronted with a laminated take out menu of “couture” options. I selected #9 and another walkie talkie human magically appeared, from what I can only assume was an act of Floo powder, with my selection. Then I had to hassle the price down from $100 to $50 only to hand the “sales clerk” $60 and ask for change. It was an experience to say the least. So I can’t wait to own a REAL bag, especially this one that I’ve been drooling over for months.

BTW readers – Flouis Fuitton is a super exclusive couture line.


It’s what I called my fake “patent leather” black Louis Vuitton bowler bag. I cherished it for so long. Thank you Flouis bag for more than fulfilling your purse duty.

3. #Totes Drooling over this Peanut Butter

Child's Play PB


So a fellow co-worker who runs a blog called Running on Peanut Butter blogged about this beauty today: Child’s Play Peanut Butter. It’s made by a company called Pacific Beach Peanut Butter. They must be foodie angels sent from heaven to have created this masterpiece. Child’s Play Peanut Butter is peanut butter with chunks of M&Ms swirled in. Yes, that’s right, peanut butter with the M&Ms already in it! Not only does this save me SO MUCH TIME, because my two favs are chocolate and peanut butter, but I feel like I can #totes justify this as healthier than eating a bag of peanut butter M&Ms. Seriously contemplating ordering a jar of this crack awesomeness.

4. #Totes Jammin to “Bad Intentions” 

Bad Intentions

If you don’t know who Niykee Heaton is I cannot talk to you. I was creeping Twitterland one night and saw some rando favorite her “Bad Intentions” tweet. Naturally I gave it a listen as I am a music fiend. It was INSTANT love. I have been listening to this song every car ride, gym sesh, and shower. (yes I play music while showering – sorry neighbors!) I also took a gander at her other songs on SoundCloud and she makes acoustic versions of rap songs. As if I didn’t want to BFFs with her enough already, she takes my alter ego, 2Chainz, and turns it into an absolute FIRE acoustic song. She also has an ADORABLE chunky puppy. I’m not usually into the acoustic sounding stuff but I am HOOKED on Niykee’s music right now. Her songs are all free to download so you should all #totes get on that action and download a few jams.

Well there’s the inaugural #TotesTuesday post. I promise that by next Tuesday this list will be insanely different because that’s just how I roll. Let me know some of your #TotesTuesday things!


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