When I Grow Up I Want To Be Beyoncé (#obvs)

Mondays are usually not too much of a struggle for me. My worst day of the week is usually Thursday. Thursday is just endless and I swear some hunger games level habitat control always occurs. Anyways, usually on Monday it takes me about 1 hour to snap out of the weekend mode and hop into work mode. But today was just meh. It wasn’t a bad day, wasn’t an outstanding day, just a day. So when days are meh naturally my mind wanders and creates elaborate schemes for myself. Today’s wander-sesh began with “What is Beyoncé doing right now?” I cannot tell you why this was my first thought – but it was, so just go with it. I was just sitting in cube land thinking “What’s Queen B up to?” Thus I have arrived at today’s post: the various diva-isms I wish to channel from Queen Bey herself.

1. Classy Glitter

Every single performance Beyoncé does incorporates more classy glitter than I ever thought existed. What is classy glitter you ask? Well just take a quick meander through a Beyoncé glitter Google image search for some examples. What is not classy glitter is anything Ke$ha. Although do not get me wrong, there are certainly times and places where Ke$ha glitter is needed and accepted. If you are so lucky to be my Facebook friend, you know that I have an affinity for classy glitter – especially with my nails. I want so desperately to find a career where it is completely appropriate to rock some serious classy glitter. (please hold your stripper / exotic dancer jokes ’til the end of the post)

Glitter       Beyonce
classy glitter


Ke$ha glitter – reserved for select occasions

2. Jay-Z

Let me immediately clarify that Jay-Z is not even on my top 25 list of male celebrities I’d go for – that’s another post for another day. Except if you are Jay-Z reading this right now, you are absolutely #1 and you can tweet at me to set up a dinner date.

I am merely commenting on the fantastic relationship Jay and Bey appear to have. I mean Jay-Z went vegan for TWENTY TWO whole days for Beyoncé. That is some SERIOUS love. I’d need at least 4 golden retriever puppies, an endless supply of vegan fro-yo that actually tastes good, and a Range Rover to even contemplate going vegan. Plus every picture I see of them they look adorbs and they’ve done some pretty on point duets (Bonnie and Clyde anybody?).

Jay and B            Jay and B

3. Sasha Fierce

This is my favorite aspect of Beyonce’s demeanor and I probably should have put it first on the list. But the glitter was very distracting and I don’t feel like re-ordering this post. Beyoncé’s alter ego, Sasha Fierce, embodies her “I won’t take nuthin from nobody” mentality.

Beyoncé gets what she wants. She doesn’t beg and plead for it, she earns it. She works for what she wants and people respect her more as a musician, mother, and celebrity because of it.

She has made some tough business decisions, like firing her father from being her manager and taking total creative control over her career. Imagine how hard it would be to work with your parents let alone have to fire them? Helllooo awkward family dinners for the rest of your life.

She is fiercely private about her personal life. She has done an amazing job keeping herself and her family out of the press. She’s created a barrier between her personal life and public life. Therefore she is seen as an artist and not as some tartlet who was flopping around on Bieber’s lap last weekend.

She practices what she preaches. Many of her songs focus around empowering females to be strong and independent. While I may jam out to Run The World (Girls) because it’s catchy, there’s some pretty powerful messaging going on in that song.

I consider myself a relatively outgoing person. (I can hear the chuckles from my friends and family at that comment already) But I think we all could benefit from adding a little sasha fierce to our lives. Be who you wanna be and do what you wanna do. Channel the sasha fierce.

Sasha Fierce

This post was wicked deep for a second post. I apologize. But this Beyoncé introspection is really all I got going on for this Monday. I had a terrible run at the gym but what else is new.

With that I leave you with my all time favorite Queen Bey jam – Diva.
May your tomorrow be just a little bit more #sashafierce.


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